How much do we love secondhand furniture?

We’ve been furniture shopping! Having a *shockingly* small budget for our furniture and displays is a challenge, but a fun one.It helps that we’re already dedicated to getting as much secondhand furniture as possible (we do love to re-use old things), because that’s really the only way we can afford to do it! And we love scrounging around in garage sales and junk shops for treasure.

We spent last weekend doing the garage sale rounds, and came across some great finds. An old glass curio cabinet, a huge mirror, some benches for the back yard, and a big old desk. And then today we did a trip to the East Bay. First stop was Ikea… I know, I said we’re into buying things secondhand, but sometimes you just need a particular bookcase that can’t be found at a garage sale. So yes, we went to Ikea. I had never realized there was an “as-is” section near the checkout area… and it’s incredible! We got two huge cubby-hole bookcases for 50% off. What a steal. Then we were off to Urban Ore (– a wonderland of recycled furniture and other fun stuff- for more secondhand goodies. Luckily Briana’s friend works there, so thanks to him we got a great deal on a beautiful-yet-beatup corner cabinet/bookshelf. It’s a bit rickety, but we’ll nail it back together just fine.

For now, everying is in Brandi’s living room (thanks to her roommates who haven’t complained one bit!), and we’re itching to move it all into the store. We need to finish sanding and priming some of the pieces so we can paint them, too. Bright colors, here we come.


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