Inner Sunset Love

Urban Bazaar will open soon (this week, fingers crossed!) in the Inner Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco.

We love our new ‘hood, and have been excited to learn about the strong and growing sense of community this area is developing.

We visited one the area’s newest businesses last week, Inner Fog, a wine bar owned and operated by an Inner Sunset local and his wife. The owner said that the area is becoming “increasingly vibrant”, with its demographic primarily in the 30-50 range, and largely characterized by folks who strongly value shopping local.

Inner Sunset, courtesy of Inner Sunset Facebook Group

We share that value, and look forward to offering both Fair Trade and locally-made (from the Sunset and beyond into the Bay Area) art, accessories, and handy items. We’re both local artists ourselves and know the struggle that comes with trying to make unique, handcrafted items– as well as the value of a supportive community.

Go Inner Sunset!

Here are a few neighborhood links, largely courtesy of Inner Sunset Park Neighbors:

Inner Sunset Facebook Page

N Judah Chronicles

EveryBlock Inner Sunset

Arizmendi (worker owned) Bakery

Inner Fog

Inner Sunset businesses


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