At last! Opening this Thursday, July 22!

At last! Our journey as small business owners is approaching a great moment… we finally get to open the doors to our store, Urban Bazaar!

Join us on Thursday, July 22 between 11am and 7pm at 9th and Judah in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset neighborhood to celebrate our first day in business! Urban Bazaar is based on the principal that Fair Trade and locally handcrafted items are better for everyone along the supply chain, and can help build a strong community.

Plus we want to make the unique and often beautiful items we’ve found affordable– otherwise, what’s the point? Everyone should be able to afford responsibly-sourced and awesome artistic items.

For more information on what Fair Trade is, click here.

And as a teaser, here are some photos taken last night as we prepare the final price tags, store set up, and the other millions of details leading up to our Thursday open.

See you soon!


One response to “At last! Opening this Thursday, July 22!

  1. Cool cool cool! Awesome stuff!

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