Our Gift Bag Giveaway!!!

Urban Bazaar Gift Bag

This fabulous Fair Trade gift bag will be what you can enter to win in our Grand Opening raffle drawing!   Simply come on down to the store this Saturday, August 14th from 7pm-10pm for our Grand Opening Soiree.   Everyone who comes is eligible to win, one raffle ticket per person and one lucky winner will get to be the coolest kid on their block to sport their new winnings and feel good about supporting Urban Bazaar.

Retailed at $153, this gift bag contains:

1 Eco-bag

1 Conscious Consumer book


1 notebook

1 gourd maraca

1 finger kalimba

1 hand drum

2 finger puppets

1 set of worry dolls

1 woven basket

3 heart chocolates

2 chocolate bars (peppermint and bittersweet)

1 chapstick (the BEST chapstick in the world!)

1 cornbread mix

1 chili mix

1 wooden salt pot

1 wooden salad tongs

2 wooden chopsticks

Simply fill out your e-mail address and give it back to us.  You do not need to be present to win, but you must pick it up with in two weeks of notification.


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