Great new things at URBAN BAZAAR!

Fake spring is here, and we are, literally, GROWING! We have so many new plant arrangements, lovingly put together by some very creative local folks. The “Salvage Sisters” from Pacifica brought us a bunch of new plant arrangements today, and decorated our backyard too.

We’ve also brought in a the work of a TON of new artists in the last few days. From handmade coffee cup cozies (a new style, unlike the others we’ve had for a while); enclosed glass fern terrariums; Soaps, sugar scrubs, and lotions from Rubber Ducky Soap Company; baby clothes; a new selection of rice bag purses & travel bags; tea towels, totes, and pillow cases screen-printed with awesome designs (owls anyone?); Valentine’s day cards; origami crane earrings… and so much more!¬† Here are some examples…

Bath & Body Products

Vintage-inspired Pillow Cases

Fun hand-sewn baby onesies

Creative Valentine's Cards


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