Valentine Gift Countdown: Days 8 & 7!

Every day until Valentine’s Day, URBAN BAZAAR is featuring a socially conscious gift item. These great gifts are handmade with love, and many are eco-friendly, helping us love the earth. They are all either Fair Trade or made by local artisans, helping us show some love for handcrafted art. And all can be found at URBAN BAZAAR, 1371 9th Ave, San Francisco. (415) 664-4422.

Day 8 (we were closed so you get 2 in one): Fair Trade Chocolate from  Divine Chocolate, “Heavenly Chocolate with a Heart”

With flavors like Milk Chocolate with Spiced Cookies, Dark Chocolate with Raspberries, and White Chocolate with Strawberries, you’re sure to impress your sweeties with your great taste in delicious sweets! Large bars (pictured) are $5 each, and smaller bars are $3 each.

Day 7: Flower Lapel Pins from Nepal

These adorable (and very popular) flower pins are handknitted in Nepal from100% wool. They are made by ACP, a fair trade cooperative that offers economic freedom, empowerment, and opportunity to hundreds of Nepali women. These flowers are designed in Arcata CA by sisters Gayle & Andrea Shackleton of Hot Knots & Tara Handknits, a woman owned business.


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