URBAN BAZAAR & the economy.

While on my mundane Wednesday morning public transit commute to the store, I picked up a copy of the San Francisco Bay Guardian. The first sentence I read in the Editor’s Notes section asked,

“Does anybody else feel as if the whole country is collapsing around us?”

It went on to describe some of the more outrageously frustrating things happening in our government in relation to the economy. I felt angry, disheartened, and downright pessimistic while reading.

Then I realized I was at my stop, and I gathered my things to get off the train and come open up shop for the day. And it struck me- what we’re doing here, every day at URBAN BAZAAR, is incredibly empowering. There’s no way for this not to sound cheesy. But we’re making a real difference with the work that we do . And by supporting Urban Bazaar, our customers- YOU- are contributing in a very important way to making the world, including our local and national economy, better too.

Want to know how, specifically?

I did the math this morning, and it turns out that Urban Bazaar, in less than 9 months in business, has spent over $60,000 on Fair Trade & locally made goods. That’s a $60,000 direct injection of money into the economy- and every penny has gone towards good that are ethical, eco-friendly, handcrafted, and all around good for the world.

To break it down:

  • We have purchased $25,815.17 worth of Fair Trade goods that support poor, disadvantaged artisans around the world. This has helped keep women out of sex slavery, children fed and educated, and families empowered to operate their own small businesses.
  • We have purchased $34,227.20 worth of local- and US-made goods. Most of this money  has gone into the crafty hands of Bay Area artists, and a small percentage has gone to companies based in the US who follow ethical labor and environmental practices.

photo courtesy of Asha Imports

I hope you find this information as inspiring as we do, and feel good knowing you’ve been a part of making this possible. With your continued support, we can continue to grow and become an ever larger contributor to global well-being.

Visit Urban Bazaar at 1371 9th Ave, San Francisco CA. (415) 664-4422.  Soon you’ll be able to shop on our website, too!


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