Craftcation Conference Amazingness

Okay, so I’m on Briana’s miniature laptop, and can’t for the life of me figure out how to copy photos off websites on a Mac! So I apologize for the most boring-looking post ever, but there will be no photos… I highly encourage you to click the links, though, for access to some incredible crafting resources.

Wow, we’re just wrapping up our trip to Ventura for the first ever CRAFTCATION CONFERENCE! And it’s been a crazy inspirational journey. Thursday through Sunday were chock full of real, honest-to-goodness networking with other creative people, from indie craftsters who haven’t even set up an Etsy shop yet, to full blown highly successful artists who make a living selling their work, to shop owners like us, to crafty consultants of all ilks. The workshops we all attended ranged from creative projects, like making tiny scrapbooks with Any Tan (famous in the scrapbooking world for her cutesy designs in the Amy Tangerine line) or needle felting miniature mushrooms… all the way to super serious business building lectures about Social Networking, SEO, pricing your products, accounting & bookkeeping, how to teach your craft, and so much more.

One of my favorite workshops was run by Nicole Vasbinder of StitchCraft in Petaluma, CA. She has been sewing and teaching in the Bay Area for years, and finally opened up StitchCraft a few years ago, which is a sewing studio, fabric shop, and great place to take classes. She led a workshop on how to teach your craft to others… and now I can’t stop thinking about all the workshops I want to teach at Urban Bazaar! It also made me think of how much we all know that could (and probably should) be passed on to other crafty people.

Anyway, more to come on the overall Craftcation experience! And I’ll do my best to have some photos to put up next time too. 🙂


Urban Bazaar


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